Microneedling in one form or another has been around for centuries. Today’s devices are often automated and may be combined with other modalities such as LED’s. The concept, however, remains the same. By puncturing the skin, intentionally causing superficial damage with tiny, sterilized needle, it is prompted onto healing mode and in the process, tone and texture are improved, collagen is stimulated, reduces enlarged pores and diminishes acne scars.

Please note that microneedling is regulated by the Board of Cosmetology of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our treatment is performed by a Medical Esthetician with 27 years experience, and a medical background under DIRECT medical supervision, rather than an off site medical director.
For all procedures we highly recommend a consultation with our Medical Esthetician to address your goals for your skin. At that time we will address any questions you have regarding the procedures, preparation, risks, recovery and anticipated results.